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Magnifying Arm Attachment U91707


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he Magnifying Arm Attachment is designed to clip onto the following daylight(TM) .This attachment has a 5" rimless diameter lens with 1.75X magnification (3.0 diopter) on a long 22" flexible arm and is supplied with a clip to fit onto a lamp stem. Rimless lens to help you with close work 5" diameter lens 1.75X (3.0 diopter) on 21.5" flexible arm.

Suitable for daylight™ lamp models :

  • U31707 (Vogue Floor Lamp) (LED Slimline Floor Lamp),
  • U32117 (Slimline Floor Lamp),
  • U31375 (Artist Studio Lamp + Stand) and U31175 (Clip-on Studio Lamp + stand)
  • Slimline range ( U35127, U35117, U35116, U35106, U35107)